Comprehensive advice from the idea to the construction

In order to provide our customers with optimum support, we advise them from the product idea all the way to production stage. Here we also offer component designs as well as assembly designs.

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Drive technologies for the future

Our electronics department develops electric motors, which are manufactured at our location. In combination with our powerful software, these electric motors already support people in everyday life in numerous areas of application.

Our success story of innovative drive technologies

Our success story began with the idea of producing our own electric towel paper dispensers in battery operation. The high number of users in public washrooms is based on a sensor method for hygienic reasons, which enables non-contact and thus aseptic actuation of the dispenser. As one of the first manufacturers, we successfully established sensor-powered towel dispensers on the market. Over the past decades, we have been able to continuously improve this technology and gain extensive know-how in this field. These were the first steps towards developing assistance systems to provide intuitive support to people in everyday life. With the boom of the e-bike industry, we were able to pioneer one of the largest battery manufacturers in Europe by developing battery casings. In the meantime, we can use our know-how to develop our own drive technologies. There, the focus is on the development and production of modern drive systems consisting of drive with typically integrated electronics, software communicating via bus systems and user-friendly interfaces for the configuration and operation of the Systems. The drives are FEM-based and optimized for the desired operating range, both electromagnetically and thermally. The electronics are typically microcontroller-based and can therefore be flexibly adapted to different requirements. The drives can communicate with each other and can be configured and operated via user-friendly interfaces.


innovative drive technology

For this purpose, our high-precision sensor handles are used for control, which enable intuitive and sensitive control.


in-house electric plugs

Ultimately, we represent the full range of services for our products with the development and production of our own electrical plugs and wiring harnesses.


Sensor-powered towel dispensers

We also develop and manufacture sensor-operated towel dispensers, soap and soap foam dispensers, hand disinfecters and fragrance dispensers.