Process mechanic specializing in moulded parts (m/f/d)

Job title: Process mechanic for plastics/rubber technology, specializing in moulded parts

Occupation type: Recognized occupation

Type of training: dual training in industry

Duration of training: 3 years

Learning venues: Training company and vocational school


What do you do in this job?

Process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology specializing in moulded parts plan the production of moulded parts on the basis of order data or special customer requirements. They determine processing parameters such as temperature, time and pressure, set up the production machines and systems accordingly and monitor the entire production process. In the processing or finishing of the moulded parts, they use non-cutting or metal-cutting processes, anneal and condition moulded parts and finish surfaces.


Where do you work?

Process mechanics are employed in companies in the plastics and rubber processing industries and in the chemical industry. Workplaces are primarily in factories and production halls.


Which school is expected?

Predominantly middle education or good secondary education.


Requirements in operation

Craftsmanship and technical understanding
Z. B. when replacing components or maintaining systems.

Z. B. when calculating the required quantities of plastic granulate and auxiliary materials.

Prudence and attention
Z. B. operating and monitoring the production facilities.

reaction speed
Z. B. Rapid intervention in the event of malfunctions.


School subjects

Z. B. for the assembly and functional testing of hydraulic circuits.

Z. B. for determining the properties of materials and auxiliary materials.

Works / technique
Z. B. for the installation and maintenance of machines and equipment for the production of moulded parts.


career prospects

Plastics and rubbers are used in ever new areas and are constantly being researched and developed further. This gives you the best prospects as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology. Qualified specialists are in demand in the chemical companies. After the training there are very good chances of being hired in all occupational fields.

With appropriate work experience, you can continue your education and continue your ascension:

Industrial foreman plastics and rubber
Technician in mechanical engineering
Part-time studies: e.g. Bachelor of Engineering

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