Logistics Technician (m/w/d)

Job type: Approved apprenticeship Training type: Dual education in industry Duration of training: 3 years

Learning venues: Training company and vocational school

What do you do in this job?
Warehouse logistics specialists accept goods of all kinds and use the accompanying documents to check their quantity and condition. You organize the unloading of the goods, sort them and store them properly at previously planned places. They ensure that the goods are stored under optimal conditions and regulate e.g. Temperature and humidity. In goods issue, you plan delivery trips and determine the cheapest shipping method. They assemble deliveries, pack the goods and create accompanying documents such as delivery notes or customs declarations. In addition, they load trucks, containers or railway wagons, operate forklifts and secure the cargo against slippage or leakage. In addition, warehouse logistics specialists optimize in-house information and material flow from procurement to sales. They explore goods procurement sources, compile offer comparisons, order goods and arrange for their payment

Where do you work?
Warehouse logistics specialist is a 3-year recognized training occupation in industry and trade. The training also takes place in the craft. Warehouse logistics specialists find employment in companies in almost all sectors of the economy.

Which graduation is expected?
Predominantly middle education or good secondary education.
Requirements in operation

Working independently
e.g. Independent recognition and completion of tasks when allocating storage spaces as well as times for the storage and retrieval of goods

spatial sense
e.g. Stowing the goods in the warehouse; Loading of trucks, taking into account the type of goods, condition, volume and weight

e.g. Correctly arrange deliveries for shipment; Proper handling, proper storage and packaging of the goods

Ability to plan and organize
e.g. Allocation of loading and unloading times as well as storage places

career prospects

Warehouse logistics specialists find employment in companies in almost all sectors of the economy. After the training there are very good chances of being hired in all industries. Career progression offers the opportunity to progress professionally and to get into management positions (for example, through the examination as a logistics master or as a specialist for logistics and materials management).

Studying opens up further professional and career opportunities (for example through a Bachelor’s degree in the field of logistics, supply chain management).

Under certain conditions, it is also possible to study without a higher education entrance qualification.


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